The Milk and Micronutrient Assessment Lab (MAMA Lab) is run by Dr. Kyly Whitfield and her team in the Department of Applied Human Nutrition at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Dr. Whitfield is passionate about nutrition in the first 1,000 days, from conception to two years, and her research program aims to explore both the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of feeding during this time.


A major focus of the MAMA Lab is identifying culturally appropriate public health interventions to combat micronutrient deficiencies in low-resource settings. Currently this includes the exploration of fortification to address thiamine deficiency among breastfed infants in Southeast Asia. Keep up with this project by visiting MAMA Lab on the Move, a Facebook page maintained by MSc students Jelisa Gallant and Kathleen Chan.

Another focus of the MAMA Lab is to study infant feeding behaviours, and the potential long-term effects of early feeding on eating patterns and disease risk later in life. We also try to understand what the general public knows about infant feeding to better understand breastfeeding culture and feeding norms.

The MAMA Lab now has a BodPod! For research purposes only at the moment, but we will soon offer body composition analysis to the public! Check back for updates!