The diet and exercise practices required to participate in bodybuilding competitions puts individuals at a high risk of developing disordered eating, exercise addiction, and/or muscle dysmorphia. Although there are well-established associations between these disorders and the sport of bodybuilding individually, no research to date has examined the interplay between these three domains, nor the prevalence of these disorders among competitive bodybuilders. We aim to fill this gap by assessing the prevalence of, and associations between, eating disorders, muscle dysmorphia, and exercise addiction among competitive male bodybuilders in Nova Scotia using a novel online questionnaire.

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This study is being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Mojtaba Kaviani at Acadia University.



MSc student Caroline Anderson presented the results of her BSc AHN Honours Thesis, a prelude to this study, at the Canadian Nutrition Society Annual Meeting in Halifax (May 2018).

Check out her poster below. Caroline was awarded the Thematic Conference Abstract Award!